CASA of Oregon/CCRH Intern

POSITION: CASA of Oregon/CCRH Intern (One-year, Paid)
WHEN:  Internship starts as early as June 1st, 2017 (no later than June 30th), and ends May 31st, 2018.
The position is full-time during the summer, and part-time through the rest of the internship period .
OBJECTIVE/ SUMMARY: The objective of the CCRH internship is to increase staff diversity in the
Affordable Housing and Community Development fields by recruiting, training, and retaining interns. At
CASA, the intern will be responsible for working with the Deputy Director to design and implement the
Manufactured Home Placement/Replacement Program.
WHERE: The internship is at CASA of Oregon, located in Sherwood, OR. Travel to California for
training purposes (by CCRH) on three occasions is mandatory . Travel is arranged and costs are covered
by the program.
WHO:  You must be enrolled full-time this academic year (2016-2017) and the following (2017-2018).
Priority is given to those completing their junior year or entering their last academic year. The following
are also strongly considered:
● The program targets individuals who come from low-income, rural or farm worker backgrounds,
People of Color, and bilingual/bicultural individuals
● Desire to pursue a career in nonprofit housing and the community development field
● Demonstrate a commitment to improving quality of life of low income and rural communities
● Candidate must have a solid understanding of basic math calculations, good writing skills, and
knowledge of computer programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, Outlook, Publisher,
THE ROLE OF CCRH : The California Coalition for Rural Housing is the Internship Program
Administrator and coordinates all supplemental program-related activities and trainings. CCRH works
with CASA to coordinate the intern’s Work Plan and ensure that all training areas are covered during the
internship period.
All CCRH interns will undergo basic common training in the field, with a primary focus on the following:
● Development of Affordable Housing
● Project Financing
● Land Use Issues
● Political and Social Issues
● Community Development Leadership Shadowing
At CASA, the following responsibilities will cover the CCRH training focus areas:
● Identify various component parts of the Manufactured Housing Replacement Program (financing,
lending, home order and placement, homeowner education, selection criteria, etc.)
● Within each component part, identify the steps necessary to implement that section of the
● Works with other CASA Directors and staff to develop the steps identified
● Works with partners (lenders, manufactured home dealers, counselors, other non-profits, park
owners, etc) to develop specific aspects of the Program
● Provides outreach to potential homeowners
● Prepares program budget
● Develops project budgets
● Prepares reports on the program’s progress
● Attends appropriate meetings
● Assist co-workers, as needed, with other projects
The intern will also have the following opportunities for training and professional development in a
directed learning environment (organized by CCRH):
● The Summer Training Institute - a mandatory, one-week intensive training at University of
California, Davis in July 2017
● Mid-Winter Training Retreat- a two day skills development retreat in January/February 2018,
where interns can reflect on their experience and gain additional development tools
● Final Project: Interns will present a housing development project they’ve worked on throughout
the year to a mock City Council in Sacramento, to show that their project is feasible and an asset
to the community
● Graduation: Participation in a special graduation ceremony in Sacramento (April/May 2018)
● Post-Internship Resources and Employment Opportunities
● Access to a lifelong network of individuals in the community development field

How to Apply?

Find application instructions and materials at:
The deadline to apply is Friday, April 14, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact

Opportunity Posted Date: 
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
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Friday, April 14, 2017 - 5:00pm