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Making College Affordable

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The Matched College Savings Program (MCSP) collaborative is made up of universities, community colleges, and high schools that believe every individual should be able to pursue higher education. MCSP supports individuals with limited financial resources as they save for college.

MCSP gives a much-needed boost to current and future students as they save-their-own-way to a post-secondary education.

Education is a valuable Asset

Part of a nationwide asset-building strategy, MCSP is based on the premise that individuals gain economic self-sufficiency through savings and investment, coupled with the development of human capital.

The strategy sees that the accumulation of assets as the key to the improvement of the economic condition of low-income households. MCSP strengthens families by providing them with the financial skills and tools to build wealth through habitual savings and financial education.

Education is a key economic asset - something that belongs to an individual for a lifetime. It is also one of the strongest rungs on the ladder to self-sufficiency and greatest measures of human capital. including the financial education and asset-specific training needed to purchase and manage personal assets.

MCSP provides a 5-to-1 match on the money you save. 

Money you save $1600 + MCSP adds $8000 to your account = $9600 total money you have to pay for your education

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